Upholding academic honesty

The College promotes the importance of personal and academic honesty from its students, instructors, and faculty members. No fabrication of sources, cheating, or unauthorized collaboration is permitted on any work submitted to the College or work submitted to third parties.

Upholding academic honesty

He has established his reputation as an accomplished architect and visionary project lead, reflected in his portfolio of work showcasing a diversity of projects, both in Australia and abroad. An attuned and collaborative practice leader, Lawrence motivates and empowers his team, driving creativity, design excellence and the delivery of value that surpasses expectation.

During his 20 year tenure, Conrad Gargett evolved from a Brisbane-based firm of 27 to a multi-studio practice of over team members across Australia, with an ever-expanding portfolio of global and award-winning projects. Guided by Upholding academic honesty astute design sensibility, appetite for idea exploration and commitment to collaboration, Bruce facilitates shared vision through design.

He places people and sustainability at the centre of all his work, and is inspired by his ability to make a difference to the way people live, now, and in the future. He was President of the Queensland Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects -with a number of industry accolades and titles to his name.

An award-winning Architect and skilled Project and Design Director, her multidisciplinary portfolio demonstrates vast expertise in design and project management across a broad range of sectors and projects, both locally and internationally.

As a project lead, Rebecca mobilises her teams towards an overarching vision, fostering creative growth and Upholding academic honesty ideas to generate collaboratively.

She works closely with clients and communities to develop a thorough understanding of needs as well as social and cultural contexts, ensuring the creation of purposeful architecture that is layered with beauty and meaning.

Her approach is underpinned by a deep appreciation for diverse cultures, people and their relationship with place, a core value that she attributes to the unique combination of her offshore birthplace, a Queensland upbringing and extensive international travel.

Formerly a Design Director with Mirvac, and Peddle Thorp preceding this, John draws from a strong history of design and project leadership. His substantial body of work includes the design, planning, documentation and management of complex projects spanning various sectors, including commercial, mixed-use, residential, healthcare and defence.

John designs buildings from the inside out, working in partnership with diverse teams to thoroughly understand people and their interactions with the space. Leanne is a CPA with postgraduate qualifications. Her proven expertise in forecasting, budgeting, resource allocation and planning, together with her strong leadership and organisational skills, ensure she is a valued asset on project teams.

Her approach is client-focused. She investigates innovations in costing, resourcing and the management of projects to enhance the efficiency and quality of service delivery. Leanne creates an inclusive environment where all team members feel valued and supported in their professional growth.

Formerly the founder and principal of Jemmott Associates, Tony joined Conrad Gargett through a practice merger in He brings with him a strong reputation for client-focused leadership, business acumen, and exceptional architecture, along with a wealth of expertise spanning multiple disciplines, project types and sectors.

Clients describe Tony as an authentic and approachable Project Director. His enduring client relationships are built on honesty, the provision of exceptional value and his dedication to collaboration.

An accomplished architect, Tony was one of just 35 architects from around the world accepted into the elite Glenn Murcutt Masterclass in Tony crafts structures of the highest quality that are coherent, responsive to client and user needs, sustainable and accessible.

He believes that excellent designs should speak to people and enrich the lives of all who engage with them. Laura Cockburn Director Laura is a Director at Conrad Gargett and has a keen interest in the collaborative approach to design that underpins her work.

She has significant experience in successfully leading teams from master planning and concept design through to contract documentation and construction on complex large projects in the Defence and Infrastructure sector.

She achieves this whilst retaining balance and focus on achieving the best outcomes for all involved. Joining the practice inhe contributes a wealth of design and project leadership experience, working with diverse clientele to develop highly regarded designs of various type and scale.

He has earned a reputation for industry-leading expertise in the health sector, but is passionate about all facets of architecture.

Upholding academic honesty

A collaborative and influential project and design lead, Harm seeks to unite and motivate teams to draw out their best and seize design opportunities.Northwood School is a high school in the coastal city of Durban, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa..

Each learner must study English First Language and either Afrikaans or Zulu First Additional Language, and Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy.. Northwood has many sporting facilities, maintained by a dedicated estates manager. These include many rugby union, soccer and cricket fields, tennis.

Academic Policies Academic Honesty. Just as the faculty, staff and administration at Whitworth strive to be forthright, direct and honest and to value integrity in all their dealings, the university expects all students to function in like manner.

What is academic integrity? Academic integrity is defined as: ‘a commitment, even in the face of adversity, to six fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and ashio-midori.com these values flow principles of behaviour that enable academic communities to translate ideals to action’ (International Centre for Academic Integrity, ).

upholding academic honesty. Maintaining academic honesty protects the value of EGSC’s degrees and ensures that our students and graduates are desirable candidates for university transfers and career advancement.

Thus, all members of EGSC’s community (students, staff, and. THE WAY Christian School in Centurion, is an independent non-profit school with a goal to develop the whole individual and provide opportunities for students to grow and expand their horizons.

Ryan Tollner is a founder of Rep1 Sports and has grown into one of the premiere agents and athlete marketers in the industry. In addition to maintaining an expertise in marketing and public relations, Ryan is instrumental in recruiting and guiding players through the draft process.

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