The structure of the hotel industry

Here are the Top 10 Tips for Managing a Hotel: That is why forming and fostering a great team is of utmost importance.

The structure of the hotel industry

Types of Hotel Organizational Structure by Noelle Carver - Updated September 26, Because hotels vary in size and type, hotel organizational structure depends on the range of services and amenities offered to visiting guests. Some organizational structures include multiple departments, managers and branches to extend full-service luxury accommodations and amenities.

However, small, low-budget, family run hotels may have only one manager and a few employees to handle all guest needs and services. Basic All hotels divide their operations into two basic categories: Operations employees handle the general functions of the hotel.

This includes checking in guests, coordinating events, cleaning rooms and maintenance duties. Both administrative and operations employees generally report to the hotel manager general manager and other managerial staff employees. The general manager oversees, and sometimes coordinates, all hotel major functions and makes sure the organization runs smoothly at all times.

The administrative side also includes sales, marketing and promotional managers who advertise the hotel and its services. The operations department includes employees who operate, coordinate and handle all guest needs in-person or behind the scenes. Operations employees include the front office workers who check in guests, maintenance crews, engineers, food and beverage staff, event coordinators and the managerial staff.

The hotel utilizes a large management staff, including a general manager, a hiring manager, and managers of its catering, restaurant, housekeeping, sales and marketing departments. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics report on hotel organization, large hotel chains--recognizing the importance of expanded lodging options--are starting to offer limited-service, economy, and luxury inns under one corporate name.

Limited Service or Economy Limited service hotels--including boutique hotels, some bed and breakfasts, and budget or economy hotels--do not require the expansive organizational structure that a large-scale hotel requires. These smaller hotels operate with a smaller, more diversified staff.

According to the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics report on hotel accommodations, patrons usually find smaller hotels in urban locations.

Underneath the CEO is the management staff, headed by the hotel general manager. The general manager, who oversees all hotel operations on a daily basis, may hire an assistant manager to help with his myriad duties and supervision.

Underneath the general manager, a hotel may have a catering director, restaurant manager, wine manager, human resources director, administrative director, front office manager, etc. Underneath the managerial staff are the employees who work in food and beverage services, marketing and sales, room service, housekeeping and maintenance.

The structure of the hotel industry

The size of the hotel and the type of services it offers determines the complexity of its organizational employee structure. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In47, people were employed in the U.Structure of UK’s hospitality industry. Structure of UK’s hospitality industry can be mentioned as follows: Hotels: Hotels are important aspect of the UK’s hospitality sector. Articles filed under business systems and structure.

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– The purpose of this study is to test the entrepreneurial orientation organization structure‐performance link within the context of the Asian hotel industry. CHAPTER 1 The Traditional Hotel Industry Outline Understanding the Hotel Business The Service Culture A Cyclical Industry How Hotels Count and Measure.

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