The mythological significance of horseshoes

Portrayal in myth[ edit ] The Hindu world saviour Kalki with his white Horse. Punjab Hills, Guler, c. From earliest times, white horses have been mythologised as possessing exceptional properties, transcending the normal world by having wings e.

The mythological significance of horseshoes

The power of the horseshoe has been recognized since before the birth of Christ. In legend, a man named Jastrzebryk, a blacksmith? However, we know that horseshoes were actually used by the Greeks as early as the 4th century B. Since horses were believed to be one of the most sacred of animals, their crescent-shaped shoes became symbols of good luck.

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Horseshoes were often nailed over the outside thresholds of houses and barns so that witches could not enter. Horseshoes were thought to protect and bring good luck. On May Day, it was traditional to take down all horse-shoes and turn them, being careful not to let them touch the ground.

Horseshoes can also be hung over the fireplace for luck, and even over the entrances of mines. Many think the heels should point upwards but this is not universal. People think this because they believe if the shoe is hung with the ends pointing downwards, positive ill-luck may be drawn upwards, and all the good luck will disappear into the ground or drip out.

Interestingly enough, the towns of Burlton and Oakham, in England, charged a "toll of the horseshoes," which was collected from every peer and member of the Royal family, who passed through their towns. Horses are considered lucky too, and to dream of a horse or to see a horse is particularly fortunate.

Dunstan was a learned metal working, painting and harp-playing man. He was born in the village of Baltonsborough near Glastonbury in His parents, Herstan and Cynedritha, were of noble stock. His relative was St. Alphege, the Bald, Bishop of Winchester.

Dunstan, in legend, once shod the Devil. He did this shodding so painfully that he made the Devil promise to never enter a dwelling where a horsehoe is displayed.

Scottish legends tell of how a farmer shod a horse one night to find, the next day, a woman of the village suspected of witchcraft lying in agony with horseshoes nailed to her hands and feet.

The mythological significance of horseshoes

Martin, and dragon-slayer St. Early religions considered crescent or u-shaped objects powerful signs. Temples in Middle and South America were built with arched doorways. The Moors built mosques with arched doorways.

Arched windows were built in the Middle Ages as a means of protection against evil. The crescent is venerated in the Middle East. Finding a horseshoe will bring good luck, and found horseshoes have ten times the power of bought ones. Horseshoes are also placed on the foremasts of sailing ships as a amulet for safe voyages.

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Iron horseshoes are the most lucky. Iron originally came from Cyrus in ancient times. Iron was born from the marriage of rock and fire. As most know, iron and fire were two of the basic elements in ancient times.

Blacksmiths used these components to produce swords, horseshoes, and many other useful items. Blacksmiths were considered good luck because of their abilities. In ancient times, blacksmiths were always invited to attend wedding, they were thought to be able to keep evil away.of Horseshoe Bend be rekindled and the battlefield preserved.

As the country entered into the First World War, however, the memory of Jackson’s battle receded . The Shang developed horseshoes so that horses suffered fewer leg and foot injuries.

The Shang used chariots primarily as symbols of wealth instead of for warfare. In return for protecting allies from invaders, the Shang expected tribute in the form of.

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Dunstan and the Devil One reputed origin of the tradition of lucky horseshoes is the story of Saint Dunstan and the Devil. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Previously, we had harped about 10 mythological monsters you may have missed out on from popular media like television shows and movies.

Well, this time around we have decided to up the ante with a myriad of ‘hybrid’ mythical creatures that you may not have known about.