Spoon feeding essay by w.r inge

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Spoon feeding essay by w.r inge

He was a passionate Christian Platonist known in the academy for his work on mysticism, Plotinus and a synthesis of Christianity and Platonism. His early work at Oxford centered on Christian mysticism, and his Bampton Lectures on the same theme were published in He retired in to a life of writing and study.

Inge married Mary Catharine Spooner inand they had three children. He delivered a number of lectureships in the United Kingdom and the United States and received honorary degrees from the universities of Aberdeen, Durham, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Oxford and St. He died 26 February Inge wrote over thirty-five books in the areas of mysticism, Christianity, Platonism, ethics and contemporary issues.

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A number of his books were collections of his essays, including two series of Outspoken Essays, a title that betrays much about its author. For Inge was a controversialist, even a contrarian. In theology he was a liberal, in politics something of a reactionary.

A supporter of animal rights and the arts serving as trustee of the National Portrait Gallery from tohe was a constant critic of the state of modern civilization, particularly in its democratic form.

Spoon feeding essay by w.r inge

His at-times overappreciative analysis of Plotinus is understandable in light of his express desire to offer Plotinus as not only ancient philosopher but also contemporary teacher. Inge undoubtedly accommodated the Christian and Platonic mindset to one another, but not uncritically.

As a Christian, he spoke of the transcendentals of Truth, Goodness and Beauty as attributes of a personal God rather than abstract Forms. Whether and how far Christianity and Platonism are compatible is a still-searing question. But one must admire the embodiment of an attempt to articulate a universal cosmic movement from and to God that is to be found in W.

Top Quotes by W.3)Our journey-man fiction is evidently a means of getting away from real life a mild anodyne, or a stimulus to day-dreaming. Introduction: These lines are taken from the essay ‘Spoon Feeding’ written by W. R. Inge, a British scholar and social critic.

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The term spoon-feeding is a metaphor, a type of literary comparison that explains one concept in terms of another. It is often used by teachers to talk about student responsibilities. On a literal.

Spoon feeding essay by w.r inge

His first volume, which was published in Boston, in his twenty-sixth year (), and is a translation of the Coplas de Don Jorge Manrique, a thin little twelvemo of eighty-nine pages, which opens with an Introductory Essay on the Moral and Devotional Poetry of Spain. 16 PUTNAMS MAGAZINE.

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