Singin in the rain essays

This statistic can be attributed to the musical numbers that it incorporates. It works to seamlessly integrate them into a musical about the transition of film from silent to talkies. Additionally, the film is able to utilize them in such a way that every single song contributes to the overall effect of the film in some way. Although he speaks about attending school and performing for the best, visually the song depicts Don and Cosmo doing a dance and fiddle performance for an underwhelmed crowd.

Singin in the rain essays

Hire Writer Self-reflexivity can also be put in such a way that it is a mix of escapism with realism in particular within backstage musical Charters, To further explain, Feuer said that musicals are not solely entertainment, but they are also frequently about the production of entertainment as well.

The audiences of the film are actually watching the Don and friends producing and acting for the film. Evidently, the film is actually a musical within a musical which is can be drawn back to the aspect of self-reflexivity. Spontaneity can be considered as an essential part of musicals.

Such acts in musicals are self-reflexive as it invites the audiences to dance and sing along. It is like Cosmo and Don know that the audiences are closely watching their action and hence, they burst out singing and dancing.

In addition, the impression of spontaneity in these musicals involves the performers to make use of props at hand such as curtains, movie paraphernalia, umbrellas and furniture to create the imaginary world of the musical performance Feuer, The myth of spontaneity operates through what we are shown of the work of production of the respective shows as well as how we are shown it Feuer, In addition, Feuer also stated that these spontaneous performances that mask their technology have been calculated, not for audiences within the films but for audiences of the film.

This shows that self-reflexivity is incorporated in the film by showing the audiences of the film the process of transition from silent to talking pictures, but the audiences in the film were only shown the final product of it.

Invisible camera method is largely used in conventional films whereby actors are acting without knowing the existence of the cameras. Even after the audiences are shown the tools of illusions at the beginning of the scene, the camera arcs around and comes in for a tighter shot of the performing couple, hence re-masking the exposed technology and making the duet just do another example of the type of number whose illusion it exposes Feuer, Themes Within the genre, sub-themes emerge.

Like how within an action-thriller genre, themes such love, horror and super-hero care evident Kolker, Such themes, according to Kolkerhelp viewer negotiate with the film, promising to provide certain narrative structures and character types that the viewer find satisfying.

Affect According to Jonesan engaging and relatively suspenseful musical can affect its audiences with varied and well-drawn characters who speak and sing witty, literate and often outrageously funny dialogues and lyrics.

Without the audiences, musical means nothing.

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Besides the actors and the production crews, the audiences within and of, the film are very essential to explain why musicals are so enjoyable.

This means, the spectators within the film, the people talking about the movie they just watched and the people who work in the movie theatres are taken into consideration.

The way the show was put up such as the technological hitch that arose during the premier caused the audiences both, within the film and of the film to react. In this case, the reactions of the audiences within the film were recorded and they were shown to burst out in laughter.

It is true that successful performances will be those in which the performer is sensitive to the needs of the audience and which give the audience a sense of participation in the performance Feuer, The actors are not just acting for the sake of acting, but they are acting towards the audiences therefore affecting their emotions and feelings.


Therefore, it can be seen that musical exerts continuous control over the responses of their audience Feuer, In the opinion of Darlingtonp. This self-reflexive mode works well for comedies because it promotes the intimate relationship with an audience that is integral to effective humor.

They invite the audience to play along. The audiences of the film, on the other hand knows the truth and will not react the same way. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the self-reflexivity mode makes no pretense that the world is represented on screen, is anything other than a filmic construction.

Self-reflexive films tell the viewers that the reality on screen is a movie reality. The discourses of genre, themes and affect constantly incorporate the aspect of self-reflexivity, especially in musicals.Singing in the Rain Musical Review and Summary Singing in the Rain Review and Summary The hit musical "Singin' in the Rain" may possibly be one of if not the greatest musicals of all time.

With it's tale of the film world of the mid 's and its creative underlining love story b.

Singin in the rain essays

Abstract: 9 pages in length. Love abounds when Don (Gene Kelly) expresses his love for Cathy (Debbie Reynolds) in the deserted stage room while singing "You Were Meant For Me" in the musical Singin' in the Rain.

Analysis of Singin in the Rain Essay Words Dec 27th, 5 Pages Released in , Singin in the Rain was one of the last films to be produced during the profitable golden age of the studio system.

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Singin’ in the Rain Musical Essay Sample. Singin’ in the Rain is a musical regarding the evolution of the Hollywood film industry; from silent movies to . Singin’ in the Rain, due to its constant theatrical circulation and its frequent prime-time telecasts in the s, became one of the most familiar and beloved musicals of our time.

This was due partly to the reasons listed by Ms.

Singin in the rain essays

Kael: energy, originality, excitement.

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