Samsung strategic business units

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Samsung strategic business units

Strategic Business Units (SBUs) -

In mid-April, virtual reality passed a milestone. Using an app created by a company called Medical Realities, viewers from around the globe, each presumably with an iron constitution, witnessed a surgeon at the Royal London NHS Hospital delve into the bowels of a year-old cancer patient.

If that sounds like a Nova special, it was so much more. Doctors, medical students, and the merely curious experienced the operation in real time, with degree control over their vantage points, as though they were actually in the operating room. Interested in flying a Black Hawk helicopter over the Dubai skyline just after dawn?

It can put you there. But the live stream was a showcase of the wondrous potential of VR to educate, to train, and, more generally, to transport the masses into situations that would otherwise be impossible to experience.

It was a mere glimpse of what Medical Realities has in mind. Imagine, for example, enabling students to actually feel the resistance when a scalpel cuts muscle. For now, workplace applications for VR tend to be rather prosaic—think virtual conferencing—and much of the effort to create compelling content is focused on games and entertainment.

But it provides a striking vision of the potential reach and practicality of VR in the future. Tech powerhouses—Google googlSamsung, Microsoft msftSony sneApple aaplIntel intcand others—are creating VR hardware and software to establish a platform that they all say will rival the appeal and utility of the mobile phone or even the Internet itself.

And a second, potentially much broader echelon of companies is trying to get out in front of the trend, dreaming up VR applications to change how we shop, advertise, learn, and communicate.

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A decade from now, who knows? But the race is on to figure it out. Never mind that some of the largest players have tried to put things on your face before: Those were inferior technologies, they say.

This time is different. That suggests a definition is in order. There are a few flavors of the technology: They all use a special headset to alter human perception and, in effect, take you somewhere or enable you to see something that would otherwise be invisible.

Samsung strategic business units

Remember View-Master, the toy that debuted 77 years ago and delighted children by transporting them from their bedrooms to the Taj Mahal or the Great Smoky Mountains? Consider it an ancestor. The flight simulators of the s were early incarnations.

The wisdom of his bet will be tested in the coming months. The Rift provides an experience unlike anything that has ever been available to consumers, thanks to remarkable advancements in screen resolution, positional tracking and movement sensors, haptic technologies the processes that make phones and videogame controllers vibratecomputational horsepower, 3-D graphics, and audio.

Oculus executives are careful not to promise immediate mass-market success. For starters, the very mention of VR may cause ennui in some quarters and trigger memories of past promises unfulfilled.

So executives have talking points to address those issues.

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His videogames, including the Crash Bandicoot series, have sold more than 40 million copies. Now we have high-resolution, low-cost screens with high refresh rates and low latency. It can now create situations that simply feel real. Rubin thinks gaming will be the first market, then compelling content will bring wider use.

Google moved for the low end with a cardboard-and-plastic device that turns a smartphone into a VR experience. Meanwhile, Microsoft has the HoloLens. The company, which is working with Autodesk adskJapan Airlines, NASA, and Volvo, among others, intends it to enable all sorts of training and exploration scenarios.

Intel is putting its weight behind VR as a way to help boost PC sales. Netflix nflx has a VR app.Our latest thinking on the issues that matter most in business and management.

Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. This is where the Corporate Strategy Office comes in.

Lee Kun-hee, the father of the company’s current leader Lee Jae-yong, cultivated a cadre of Samsung executives who were more loyal to Samsung as a whole — and to him personally — than to any specific business unit. Welcome to Samsung SDI news page.

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Visit and find more on news articles of Samsung SDI. On Tuesday, Samsung announced an organizational change that is likely to have a far-reaching impact: It’s shuttering the Corporate Strategy Office, the company’s nerve center. Jun 15,  · Yes, of course, IBM has a long road ahead of it as it continues to balance its legacy businesses with its “strategic” business segments (cloud, analytics, mobile, .

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