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Profesional resume

Fast-forward to today and not only do you have your standard. We should be thankful for these developments because now we can skip the quill and ink and jump straight into Microsoft Word.

Some are beautiful; some are not. Go ahead and open Word. There are a lot of different styles and Profesional resume schemes to choose one, so pick what feels right.

Some of the templates are already built into Word; others are a quick, free download from Office. When you click to create a resume, Word will let you know the download size if it needs to download the template.

Go ahead and open up a clean, blank document in Word.

Profesional resume

The drop-down menu displays several different margin options from which to choose. This may seem like an oddly specific number, but the objective is to get as much relevant information about yourself as possible on a page without overwhelming the reader.

With the above credentials, we leave enough white space on the page for the reader to not feel suffocated. If you have over two years of working experience, then detailing that information is much more valuable than which high school you graduated from or which clubs you were a part of in college.

So, which information should you put? Your high school friend might be impressed by how high you can kick, but your future employer—not so much.

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Another thing to remember is that you should always list out your experience in reverse chronological order. That is, list out your most recent experience first, and go back from there.

First, go ahead and put in your information. If you want your job title to stand out, you can change the color or make it italic, but try to keep it simple. Select the table by placing your insertion point anywhere inside it. Click the boxes surrounding the preview to turn off all the borders except for the left one.

A little playing with colors and maybe spacing the table rows a bit, and you should be ready to go.Custom resumés written by local experts – get interviews in 60 days or we'll rewrite your resumé for free. Updated – When you realize that your personal stability and professional future are at stake and you’ve admitted to yourself that resume writing is not your strength..

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