Possible community health hesi topics

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Possible community health hesi topics

This portion of the NCLEX deals with adult medical and surgical care, pediatricsand gerontologywhich is the study of the elderly and the effects of aging. Some of the questions may deal with conditions that nurses treat on a regular basis such as, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, neurological disorders, renal diseases, and respiratory diseases.

In addition, questions on traumatic injuries, immunological disorders, skin disorders and infectious diseases could be asked. These topics may include growth and development, birth abnormalities, child abuse, common infectious diseases of children, and usual childhood traumas such as burn injuries and fractures.

Questions in this category cover safety issues in patient care, particularly the administration of medicine to patients, safety measures to prevent further injuries and infections, isolation precautions, safety for pediatric patients, and special safety precautions for patients with psychiatric problems.

NCLEX questions on these topics are randomly spread throughout the exam. Questions under this category deal with birth control measures, pregnancy, labor and delivery; care for a newborn infant, growth and development, and diseases that can spread easily like sexually transmitted infections.

If a patient is pregnant, it is very important that the nurse be able to act as a teacher or counselor for the patient. Knowledge of a proper diet, development of the fetus, signs and symptoms of pregnancy complications and certain pregnancy related procedures will be helpful for this section of the exam.

Questions in this category pertain to patients with psychiatric problems and their unique issues. In addition, this material may cover coping mechanisms for different situations.

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Other situations covered in this section are about psychosocial problems that fall short of psychiatric illness. Questions could cover information on the following disorders: Also included in this section may be questions about crisis intervention, substance abuse, and therapy through communication.

In recent years, however, the NCSBN has added new format questions which do not involve simple multiple choice selection. Examples of the new formats include identifying and selecting a particular area of a drawn body part; selecting multiple correct answers via check boxes; free response mathematical questions usually involving medication calculations; and ordering the steps of a medical or nursing procedure.

Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Level 1 questions are the most basic questions and make up less than 10 percent of the total questions. These questions require the individual to recall specific facts and information.

Level 2 questions require an additional level of thinking in order to answer the question. In these types of questions, the individual will be required to know specific information and then use it to interpret or analyze the question.

Level 2 questions are analysis and application type questions. These questions require the individual to judge, evaluate, and combine information. What makes level 3 questions difficult is the likely existence of more than one correct answer forcing the individual to decide which answer is the best choice.

However, it is possible for the exam to have no Level 1 question. There are numerous testing centers in each state of the U.## Diabetes Food Plan ★★ Treatment For Diabetic Amyotrophy The 3 Step Trick that Reverses Diabetes Permanently in As Little as 11 Days.[ DIABETES FOOD PLAN ] The REAL cause of Diabetes (Recommended).

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Possible community health hesi topics

 Community and Population Health Task I By Charity Baker Introduction I currently reside in Denver County, Colorado. I have chosen to assess and analyze this community for this assignment. Denver, Colorado is located east of the Eastern Foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

How hard is nursing school really? The questions we all asked prior to starting. Would we survive? Was it worth it? Let us answer those questions. Community Health Leadership Hesi 1. Where should you initiate preventive measures for kids with dental caries- WIC Program 2. After numerous patient teachings, a man with Parkinsons disease still cant instill his eye drops – Ask a family member to help/5(22).

Communty Health Nursing Study Guide for Hesi Final For Later. save. Community Health Exam A. Community Health Hesi. Community Health Nursing. hesi. Community Health Nursing Examination Part I of elders with a focus on maintaining or improving self-care and preventing complications to maintain the highest possible quality of life /5(65).

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