Opinion about happy and successful school

If you have received a note advising you that your child's teacher wants to schedule a meeting with you, don't panic. This is a standard part of the school's efforts to build a strong partnership between parents and teachers. Whether your child is having a positive or negative experience in school, parent-teacher conferences will help you and your child's teacher find ways to work together to ensure your child's success.

Opinion about happy and successful school

This article is part of the Building Character series. Get free article updates here. If you have, you surely know how it feels. It was dispersal time. I had gone to pick my son from school.

His teacher stopped me to tell me that Jay somehow had managed to get into a scuffle with his friends and ended up beating one of the boys black and blue. I left her assured with promises to talk to him about it. Seriously, did he could he? Well… It took me quite some time, through his sobs and anger, to sweet-talk a few sentences out of him.

When I heard them though, they staggered me. Suddenly, it was my turn to choke, with emotion. His explanation was simple. I have done my best to hone this, along with other values that really matter to us, right since we started to talk to each other about this some four years back.

So in that moment, when his values were being questioned, he had responded in the only way he knew how. I settled him down and we continued with our day.

Opinion about happy and successful school

Deep inside though, I had a lot to think about. To tell you the honest-to-god-truth, I was actually happy and proud of my son for protesting against a wrong.

I made a mental note of still having work to do on the impulse control and emotional intelligence front. Being able to look beyond the immediate transgressions to focus on the bigger picture is an important aspect of positive parenting. But for now, I just want to celebrate this little victory — the little miracle of my 6 year old showing his strength of character by standing up for what he believed in, however misplaced the act was.

We parents do enough of the guilt trips and too little in way of celebrating our small victories.

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Well, this mom is taking a stand. I will talk to his teacher and clarify what happened. I will apologize for the inappropriate way in which my son behaved and will do my best to work with her to come up with how we can guide him to handle things better next time. I will teach my son the tools he needs to stand up for what he believes in without causing trouble.

However, I visualize my son being a humble person foremost, accepting contribution of others in making him achieve whatever he is. No man is an island unto himself and I would love it if he acknowledges the role of his mentors, his role models or whoever is helping him in carving out his achievements and personality rather than him being an arrogant achiever.

This is a very important ingredient of happiness. How can you ever be happy without being content? I remember a rich boy in our class whom we assumed to be the happiest as he presumably always had everything. But with greater acquaintance I found out he never seemed to have enough of anything.

He was constantly demanding more from his folks and was still not happy. I remembered being surprised even as a child because we as kids were truly happy with whatever little we had.

Ambition is important to succeed but over-ambition can easily lead to unhappiness and I hope he avoids it. And I am a proud mother indeed when I see him strive to do things which can put him in my best books even at this tender age.The current discussions about changing the name of the high school hearten me.

Community should be happy to underwrite high school name change. have successful careers and become leaders graduated from Staunton High School in Staunton, Virginia. High school students have all sorts of cozy nooks and crannies to work together comfortably on campus, and students move freely around the building with minimal supervision.

Happy Teaching, Happy Learning: 13 Secrets to Finland's Success Finns believe that students’ capacity for engagement and learning is most successful when they have a chance to unwind and.

Aug 05,  · SundayReview | Opinion Raising Successful Children. By MADELINE LEVINE AUG. 4, Continue reading the main story Share This Page. a “gotta get into” school is a certainty. (While most. How to Be Successful. In this Article: Article Summary Creating Goals Managing Time and Productivity Setting the Right Attitude Overcoming Failures Community Q&A Success can mean different things to everyone.

If you have an ambition, dream, or purpose that you want to achieve, all you need is the right mindset and a strong set of goals.

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Opinion. What Makes a School Successful? Bridget Ansel On 5/2/15 at PM. Students at the Newark Prep Charter School in Newark, New Jersey in April Roland G. Fryer Jr. and Will Dobbie.

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