New trends in business writing style

There has always been a need for businesses to write clearly, and a number of organisations have helped to draw attention to this need. Today, more and more businesses are publishing content — sharing articles, blog posts and newsletters.

New trends in business writing style

By Ryan McCreadyJan 08, is the year we finally take risks, in life and in graphic design. No more boring stock photos or minimalist graphics. Without further ado, here are the biggest graphic design trends for Multiple brand color schemes Traditionally, companies have a few colors that they use across all of their branding and design work.

This helps people recognize them out in the world, on social media and other places online. In fact, companies rebranding with a plethora of colors schemes is one of the first trends that I see really taking off. Now they have such a strong visual brand that I know something came from Spotify almost instantly.

Usually, a rebranding effort updates the font or graphic of a company logo, but this one was completely different. Instead of changing their logo designwhich everyone already knew, they added a ton of new official brand colors to use with it.

They built this new branding to show that great things can happen when diverse minds work together. And I hate to say it because some people were not big fans, but I kinda love the rebrand. They already had a logo that everyone knew, but now they have a ton of new ways to use it.

When you are a massive company like Dropbox that needs to appeal to almost every industry, this kind of flexibility is ideal. I also think that this change really reflects their growth as a company from a free place to store your school paper, to something that connects the creatives of the world.

Just take a look at how they evolved their social media presence from last year: To this year with the rebrand: Who would have thought that breaking design conventions would have allowed for so much creative freedom?

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However, I do think that this kind of rebrand can only work with a company that is as big and recognizable as Dropbox. In their rebrand, eBay also decided to add a ton of new colors, while keeping their recognizable logo: If we want to compare the two rebrands, I think that eBay would win.

new trends in business writing style

Plus, they are using the rebrand across all parts of their platform. The designers at eBay have used the color upgrade to unify millions of products across their site.

Take a look at the examples below: They may not all share the same colors, but they have the same feel.

Additionally, they have found a way to inject color into a place that is usually boring and bland: This subtle boost of color makes almost everything they share on social media stand out from the rest.

Are you seriously going to be able to scroll past this pastel mixer? As kids, we thought this was the best way to make your report on dinosaurs look professional. And I think that we were on to something back then.

Because in color gradients will be literally everywhere, from websites to Twitter headers, and even presentations. Instagramalways ahead of the curve, has used it in their branding and logos for the past few years, actually: Now the rest of the world is starting to catch up.

As you can see below, they have adopted a gradient as the main background of their site: This is a common way for sites to keep a simple background, and add a few flourishes.

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This wholehearted adoption of color gradients gives the company a lot of creative freedom, without straying too far from their brand. Because in this case, multiple color gradients is their branding. The graphs and charts are by far my favorite use of color gradients.8.

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Here is another writing venue that is not going away! By , you can expect many more social media sites that are just as popular as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. But these 8 new graphic design trends will help you get ahead!

We have even started emulating a more minimalist style with our featured images for blogs. Introducing Venngage for Business [UPDATED] By Joanna Lu and Nadya Khoja, Dec 15, Trends!

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new trends in business writing style

In business writing people will also have their own natural style. However, in business it is a great advantage to be able to adapt style to the needs of the situation. We do not want an inappropriate style to prevent our message achieving the desired result.

In order to study the current trends of Chinese business writing, this paper proposes a combined approach based on schema theory (Bartlett, ; Rumelhart, ) and Swales’ () Genre analysis in addition to a historical perspective. The book focuses on the grammar rules, fixed beliefs, and inefficient rules that keep writers from allowing their natural style to shine, whether they are writing an employee memo or page business report.

With "Business Writing Tips", writers learn how to balance grammar, purpose, and their own writing style.

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