My pet parrot essay

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My pet parrot essay

They can outlive their owners They eat common foods They can eat a lot of food Small parrots are very self sufficient in pairs Medium to Large parrots can become bored and harm themselves Most parrots make great pets Some parrots are not very good as pets Parrots My pet parrot essay few illnesses Vet bills can be high in some cases Parrots love to "kiss" Birds can become infected with human germs when they kiss you Birds are whistlers, singers and talkers They can be quite loud at times Parrots need a fair amount of interaction and they love to play Birds are not good pets if you are gone from home a lot Birds are fairly easy to train Medium and large parrots play vigorously and may bite Large Parrot Cage Source Parrot Cages The size of the parrot cage should match the size of the bird.

There are small, medium and large parrot cages available and the bird owner must make sure that the cage is optimum for their particular type of birds. For African Grey Parrots, a typical parrot cage set up includes: A permanent and reasonable amount of space in a low traffic area of the house away from doors that are frequently opened and closed.

Parrots need a secure area with as few surprises as possible.

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They have no flock to defend them and their stress levels will rise if they are frequently startled. A draft free area as birds do not like cold African Greys need more room horizontally than vertically, so a horizontal cage is preferable. It should be inches wide and at least 30 to 36 inches in depth.

The height needs to be at least 30 inches. Parrots need to be "part of the flock", so a special parrot room is a no-no. They need to be able to see and interact with the family, but not strangers that can scare them. Living rooms, away from windows are usually the best area.

There should be a perch on the inside that allows the African Grey to hang upside down and play with toys. There should be at least one horizontal perch for the parrot's general use.

There should be as many toys as your particular bird prefers. Trial and error is the only way to determine what type of toys your bird likes. The floor of the cage should be flat not gratesand should be lined with white paper.

The white paper will allow you to visually check your birds droppings to check for illness. Some perches may be placed somewhat at an angle to encourage climbing. Some African Greys like to hang out on their cage doors when they are left open, so remember to add something under the entire cage to catch the mess.

African Grey Parrot Food There are commercially available parrot food pellets and these are good for your bird. Be sure to pick the organic kind with no fillers or artificial ingredients.

Limit seeds as food because they are high in fat.

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Birds naturally love seeds and should eat some of them, but not as a steady diet. Water is important, but do not give them distilled water. Give them bottled spring water or tap water. A good way to remove chlorine from tap water is to let a bowl sit out overnight and then use it to refill the bird's drinking dish.

My pet parrot essay

Good foods for African Grey parrots:Home» paragraphs» The parrot essay in English. The parrot essay in English. A + A-Print Email. Parrot: The parrot is a lovely bird. It is kept as a pet in a cage in many houses in Pakistan and several other countries.

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For immigration essays grade 9. Mar 13,  · My human-parrot relationship essay. Discussion in 'Bird Boulevard' started by AmberMuffinz, 3/5/ Thread Status: Not open for further replies. AmberMuffinz Rollerblading along the road. Our homes are much smaller than the great outdoors, but most of our pet parrots have never seen or lived in their natural environment.

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