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But what actually is a katana, and how much help will it be in staying alive in an undead world?

Movie reading writing and reffer

Private and public Web browser exploits Instant messaging abuse Intellectual property IP theft or unauthorized access Cyber attacks happen far more frequently than you might think.

History of Landscape Architecture:

Check out this real-time map for a look at the almost constant seige. How does a cyber attack affect you? Unfortunately, there are very few people in the country that would remain completely unaffected in the event of a major cyber attack.

Our economy, our utility grids, and our transportation systems are all heavily reliant upon computers. This makes us very vulnerable to such an attack. And by vulnerable, I mean that if it was done on a big enough scale, it could essentially paralyze the entire country.

movie reading writing and reffer

In the event of a widespread cyber attack, the following could be either completely inoperable or breached. Keep in mind that a domino effect could occur that effects systems beyond the original target. Gas stations most of the pumps are now digital and connect right to your bank Banks all of the records are online would not be able to process electronic transactions.

ATM machines would not function to allow customers access to cash. Utility systems most power stations are run by computers Water treatment facilities these are automated too Protection of personal information, including data about your finances, medical records, physical location, and academic records — everything a person would need to steal your identity Government operations, including dangerous identifying information about federal employees or members of the military Transportation systems trains, subways, and planes are heavily reliant upon computers Traffic management systems like stoplights, crosswalks, etc.

How to Prepare for a Cyber Attack: 'These Systems Could Be Completely Inoperable or Breached'

Air traffic control Everyday trade — most business have a computerized cash register that communicates directly with banks. Many business are also reliant on scanning bar codes for inventory control and pricing.

Point-of-sale systems would be down and people would not be able to pay using credit or debit cards. As more people rely on VOIP, taking down internet service would serve a dual purpose.

SMART systems could be shut down or manipulated. All of those gadgets that automate climate control, use of utilities, or appliances through SMART technology are vulnerable. Click each item to learn more details.Did you know Europeans ate Egyptian mummies during the Renaissance?

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