Mixing up letters in words when writing a resume

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Mixing up letters in words when writing a resume

Choose Resume Fonts Wisely This is not the time to get creative or artistic, in most cases unless, of course, you ARE an artist or creative career type.

I highly recommend this resource for building powerful resumes! Fonts, fonts, and more fonts! Sometimes, your choices seem endless. If you have a word processing program and desktop publishing or greeting card software on your computer, you probably have more fonts than you know what to do with.

That's all well and good if you're designing a card or a poster, or perhaps even a business card. I know my daughter is always using some new font on every document she works on. But when it comes to resumes, you should limit your choices to just a few of the most well-recognized and easy-to-read fonts in your collection.

Your goal is not to make your resume beautiful to your eyes Recommended Resume Fonts Rule of Thumb Never use more than 2 fonts in a single document, including when you're writing a resume.

It's OK to use variations in bold, italic, and different sizes, but for best results stick with one font for your headings, and if you must use a second font, then use it on your actual content.

So, which resume fonts are best to use in resumes? For our purposes, let's divide fonts into 2 main categories: Serif Fonts Serif is just a word that translates to "tails" on the letters.

For instance, Times New Roman, which is pictured below, a popular font in most word processing programs, is a serif font. See the tails on the ends of the bar across the top of the "T"?

mixing up letters in words when writing a resume

Here are some more examples with their names of serif fonts appropriate for use in your resume. If you use these fonts for your headings, then use one of the sans-serif fonts described below for the rest of your resume.

It's nice to have that contrast of styles between the header resume fonts and the body resume fonts. Also, you'll note in the sample at the left that the fonts appear to be different sizes. However, each one was the point size. So you may need to experiment a bit to get your resume fonts to look the way you want them to.

Sans Serif Fonts Sans serif basically means "without sans the tails serif. On a printed document, the sans serif fonts make striking headers, while the serif fonts are nicer for the main content.Letter order - People with dyslexia may also reverse the order of two letters especially when the final, incorrect, word looks similar to the intended word (e.g., spelling "dose" instead of "does").

Letter addition/subtraction - People with dyslexia may perceive a word . This can lead to confusion between two words containing most of the same letters. Highly phoneticized spelling - People with dyslexia also commonly spell words inconsistently, but in a highly phonetic form such as writing "shud" for "should".

Watch video · 8 Tips for Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Cover Letter. 1. Research whom to address your letter to. Scrap the “To Whom It May Concern” greeting and do some research to find out who will be reading your cover letter.

Mixing up letters and numbers, should I worry? lovemy6monkeys. This is one thing I have not brought up to my doctor, but I will when I see him next week. In the last little bit I've been mixing up letters or numbers. It is happening more often.

If I'm writing I might switch a couple letters in a word. I also blank out while writing.

mixing up letters in words when writing a resume

A combination resume lists skills and experience first, followed by work history. Here's information, writing tips, and a combination resume example. Jan 11,  · Mixing up the order of letters when writing I find when I'm writing I mix up the order of the first couple of letters of a word every now and again, optimistic becomes potimistic, for example - maybe every time I'm writing for an hour it happens two or three times.

The Right Resume Fonts Will Make a Difference