How does geography influence people where they live

Ecology - The Study of Ecosystems Ecology is a science all by itself but it is also a branch of the larger sciences of biology and geography. Ecology is the study of organisms and the environments they live in.

How does geography influence people where they live

Before independence, it was known as Banda Oriental del Uruguay. There are no alternative traditions or nationalities within the country. Uruguay is on the southeastern Atlantic coast of the Southern Cone of South America, bordering Argentina to the west and south and Brazil to the north.

The land area is about 68, square mileskilometers. Most of the country consists of gently rolling plains interrupted by two ridges of low hills. The remainder consists of fertile coastal and riverine lowlands, including a narrow sandy and marshy coastal plain.

The many beaches are an important tourist attraction. The climate is generally mild, and freezing temperatures are almost unknown. Because of the absence of mountains, all the regions are vulnerable to rapid changes in weather. Grasslands and agricultural lands cover the majority of the country.

There are also some limited extensions of gallery forests and palm tree savannas. The main cultural differences are related to rural 9 percent versus urban populations 91 percentand whether people live in the capital or the interior towns. The country is divided into nineteen administrative departamentos, each with a capital town.

About half of the population lives in the capital, Montevideo, and its metropolitan area. The total population is approximately 3. The second largest city, Salto, has ninety thousand inhabitants. Much of the hinterland is very sparsely populated. As a result of emigration, there could be as many people of Uruguayan descent living outside as inside the country.

Most of the indigenous population was exterminated by the nineteenth century, and those who survived were assimilated. The ethnic composition of the population is 90 percent European predominantly Spanish and Italianand 6 percent of the people are partly of Native American descent. Africans, 4 percent of the population, mainly in Montevideo, were imported as slaves to work in the ports, in the processing of meat and hides, and as servants.

The prevalent language is a variety of Spanish known as Rioplatense or Platellano. Gauchesco has been preserved in literature, music, and jokes, and is part of the national identity. It is a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese. English has influenced the language of technology and the slang used by young people.

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The color sky-blue celeste is a powerful symbol that represents freedom and independence. It is present in the four horizontal stripes of the flag that alternate with five white ones a sun with a face in the upper corner also symbolizes independence.

It is also the color worn by the national soccer team. Soccer is the national sport and occupies a central place in the life of the nation. Many figures of speech and cultural metaphors revolve around soccer. Another central symbolic element is the figure of the gaucho. The original gauchos were an equestrian ethnic group similar to North American cowboys and Ukrainian Cossacks.

How does geography influence people where they live

Cattle and horses introduced by the Spanish in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries multiplied in the grasslands and roamed freely over the land.

Some Spaniards became seminomadic exploiters of this resource, and local native residents also learned to ride horses and live off wild cattle. Gauchos originated as mestizos in these prairies pampas of southern South America.

Originally, they were equestrian hunters of cattle for hides, beef or salting, and horses for riding. Later they traded in contraband, worked on the cattle and sheep ranches, and served as militia during the struggle for independence and as mercenaries for post-independence caudillos.

The gaucho image has become the embodiment of the national character. The idealized gaucho is strong, brave, loyal, proud but humble, honorable, generous, straightforward, clever, patient, wise but melancholic from hardship, and free and independent.

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The national flower is the ceibo and the most symbolically significant tree is the ombu. The terotero bird is a common literary symbol for the audacious, bold, attentive, and vivacious nature of the gaucho.

How does geography influence people where they live

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Identification. The name Oriental Republic of Uruguay República Oriental del Uruguay, derives from the fact that the country lies east of the Uruguay River, a major tributary of the Rio de la Plata estuary. Before independence, it was known as Banda Oriental del name "Uruguay" is a Guaraní word meaning "river of shellfish," or "river the uru birds come from.".

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