Comparison of the ant and the

Description[ edit ] T. Their antennae have 12 segments. Some queens with crushed abdomens still lay eggs, and there are documented instances of T.

Comparison of the ant and the

Some are small and harmless, but hard to get rid of, like the Argentine Ant. Others are larger and potentially dangerous with painful bites and stings, like the Red Imported Fire Ant.

But all of them, regardless of size and bite, are pests that need to be professionally eliminated. Here are some of the most common ant species that you are likely to find inside or around your home or business: They are not shy and will nest in and around human homes and offices, in cracks in foundation or siding, gaps in walls or in cluttered parts of homes.

Argentine Ants are often confused with a similar ant species, the Pharaoh Ant, which we will discuss further down the page. Unlike other ants, these little guys rarely fight with other colonies of their species and are highly social with other Argentine Ant colonies, which has made it easy for them to breed and expand rapidly.

During hot, dry weather, they will often come inside homes looking for food and water. They will also come inside structures during and after heavy rains to try and escape flood waters.

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These ants can be very difficult to kill because they are immune to certain pesticides. In fact, some pesticides have been shown to make the queens of Argentine Ant colonies more fertile. The only way to eliminate the entire colony is with a specialized bait treatment.

Because of this, it is best to call the pest control professionals at Arrow Exterminators when faced with an Argentine Ant problem. These ants are the giants of the ant family and the largest ant species found anywhere in North America.

Carpenter Ants do not have stingers and are not venomous, but their jaws are extremely large and if you are bitten it can be painful.

Carpenter Ants are also extremely destructive pests, burrowing deep into the wood of various structures to make their nests and look for food. Many homeowners confuse Carpenter Ants with termites because of the destruction caused by both. They primarily eat other insects and plant juices and they make their colony inside the structure, rather than underground like termites do.

Comparison of the ant and the

They are also sometimes confused with other ants, so if you see one it is best to call a pest control professional for identification. If you have a problem with Carpenter Ants, make sure to call the professionals at Arrow Exterminators right away. Formica Ants live in massive colonies and build huge mounds with entrances typically concealed under rocks or boulders for safety.

These ants feed on the honeydew produced by aphids and often they guard aphids against other predators and help them find the juiciest part of plant leaves to feed on so their honeydew supply will be uninterrupted.

They also prey on other small insects, such as caterpillars. In some countries they have been introduced into forests to eat sawflies and caterpillars that kill plants and trees.

Formica Ants often invade other, smaller colonies and force those ants to become the workers in their colony. They do not sting like other ant species.

However, when disturbed, they will sometimes bite or spray formic acid, which can be very unpleasant and cause coughing, watery eyes and itchiness or burning if it comes in contact with broken skin or your nose, eyes, ears or mouth. Their bites can sometimes sting depending on the size of the ant, but are not dangerous.

They are also known as wood ants or field ants because they commonly live in wooded areas with plenty of sunlight. So while these particular ants tend to favor pastures, open grasslands and farms, they can sometimes be found in homes, especially if you live in a rural area or on a farm or ranch.

Make sure to call Arrow Exterminators to help you get rid of Formica Ants because it can be very difficult to locate the source of the infestation and exterminate the whole colony.

In some very warm areas, they can be found nesting outside, however they generally prefer to nest in structures that provide a warm, humid environment close to food and water. These ants are particularly attracted to sugary and fatty foods, and entomologists have observed that they rarely feed on the same thing for a long time.

So they look for areas with access to a wide variety of sugar, fat and protein-rich foods that they can flit between. They also prefer humid environments with easy access to water. Odds are, your kitchen fits this bill.

Comparison of the ant and the

Pharaoh Ants often build their nests in hard to reach areas, including inside walls and behind baseboards. Kitchens and bathrooms are frequent nesting places because these rooms tend to be more humid than the rest of the house.

They are recognizable because their abdomen is slightly darker than their head and thorax. Pharaoh Ants are well known to entomologists and pest control professionals for being notoriously difficult to eliminate.comparison | definition: the act of examining resemblances | synonyms: likening, scrutiny, comparing, examination, confrontation, analogy, collation, contrast.

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Figure A side-by-side comparison of an ant and termite alate. Foraging and Feeding (Back to Top). Florida carpenter ants tend to forage at night. The peak foraging hours are just before sunset until two hours after sunset, then again around dawn. Etymology.

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Difference between a regular ant and a carpenter ant?