Celta assignment must ve

Topic 3 on the CELTA gave me a solid overview of how to plan a receptive skills lesson, and the basics I learnt from this module still underpin my practice.

Celta assignment must ve

I wrote about how useful they are a while back, but only gave one example.

Purpose of online writing • The purpose of the Introduction to Writing course is for the learner to advance from a CLB 5 in writing to a completed. CELTA tip: the language skills assignment. I’ve written an overview of the assignment and a few tips below. Here is a copy of my assignment, In your CELTA assignment you mention the tendency for learners to take a top down approach and I agree that by upper Int stage, they will have usually developed the confidence and ability to do. isl live score,Indian football transfer news update - live score - pictures-stats.

Gist task — set a short task based on general understanding of the text as a whole. For reading texts, the gist task is often timed. In practice, and with more time than you get during a CELTA lesson, certain tasks might be extended or added. For example, I often add vocabulary, pronunciation and game stages after the detailed task in my classes.

Pre-teach vocabulary — Teach any blocking vocabulary that will hinder understanding Gist task — set a short task based on general understanding of the text as a whole. Focus on language from the text — clarify and check meaning, form and pronunciation of target language presented in the text.

Guided discovery tasks work well with text-based presentations Controlled practice of the target language gap fills, sentence completion, multiple choice, etc Freer practice of the target language — give the learners a chance to use the target language in a freer context.

In a freer practice, you want to encourage learners to use target language. A follow-up task is what you use after a skills based lesson to exploit the text further. Writing lessons Using a sample text is a good way to model output and language for a writing task.

I guess this is similar to a text based presentation really. Lead-in — generate interest, set topic Reading optional — provide a model of the text type Language preparation — vocabulary, expressions, etc.

These include specific features of the text type e. Writing — the production stage Feedback to content Feedback to language — including error correction In practice my writing lessons almost always include providing a model. Plus, when I do they seem to follow this pattern quite naturally — they must have taught me well on the course!

This is one of the most useful tips I picked up. Speaking lessons The framework for a speaking lesson is the same as the writing lesson above, but the model text is listening rather than reading.

The model suggests preparing content first rather than language. I used this a lot when I first started out. Use this framework for language based lessons specifically grammar and vocabulary Lead-in — generate interest in the topic Test 1 — Give students a matching, categorising, ordering, gap-fill etc.

For example, if your target language is 10 vocabulary items, you could get students to match the words with the correct definition. Feedback to test 1 — check what students get right.

Give students a chance to put what you just clarified into practice. Freer practice — give students a chance to use the language in a freer context.

Discussion questions, roleplay, etc. Language input can always be made more student-centred though. Basically, you present the target language, give students plenty of controlled practice, then the production stage is like a freer practice. Task-based approaches Scrivener Visit the new ESPN Audio player to hear your favorite shows and podcasts!

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Celta assignment must ve
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