Best practices for msbi

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Best practices for msbi

Attributes need to have either a direct or an indirect relationship to key attribute, not both. Keep cube space as small as possible by only including measure groups that are needed Place measures that are queried together in the same measure group. A query that retrieves measures from multiple measure groups requires multiple storage engine operations Minimize the use of large parent-child hierarchies.

In parent-child hierarchies, aggregations are created only for the key attribute and the top attribute for example, all attribute. Unless it is disabled. Optimize many-to-many dimension performance, if used. Avoid designing an excessive number of aggregations.

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Excessive aggregations reduce processing performance and may reduce query performance Enable the analysis services query log to capture user query patterns and use this query log when designing aggregations 3 Use Partitions Define partitions to enable analysis services to query fewer data to resolve a query when it cannot be resolved from the data cache or from aggregations.

Also, define the partitions to increase parallelism when resolving queries For optimum performance, partition data in a manner that matches common queens. A very common choice for partitions is to select an element of time such as day, month, quarter, a year or some combination of time elements in most cases, partitions should contain fewer than 20 million record size and each measure group should contain fewer than 2,00 total partitions.

Also, avoid defining partitions containing fewer than two million records. Avoid Run-time checks in an MDX calculation that result in a slow execution path. If you use the case and If functions to perform condition checks which must be resolved many times during query resolution, you will have a slow execution path.

Use Non-Empty-Behavior where possible to enable the query execution engine to we bulk evaluation mode. However, if you use Non-Empty-Behavior incorrectly, you will return incorrect results.

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Use the nonempty and exists functions to enable the query execution engine to use bulk evaluation mode. NET rather than with string manipulation functions such as str to member and str to set.

Rather than using the lookup cube function, use multiple measure groups in the same cube wherever possible. You can frequently use the descendant's function to resolve arbitrary shapes by using a smaller number of subqueries than queries than returning the same result that is written using other functions.

Rewrite MDX queries that result in excessive perfecting where possible. Perfecting is a term used to describe cases where the query execution engine requests more information from the storage engine that is required to resolve the query at hand for reasons of perceived efficiency.

Define calculations in the MDX script calculations in the MDX script have a global scope that enables the cache related to these queries to be shared across sessions for the same set of security permissions.

Rewrite MDX queries containing arbitrary shapes to optimize caching. For Example In some cases, you can rewrite queries such that they can be resolved entirely from the cache by using a subselect in the From clause rather than a WHERE clause.

Best practices for msbi

When query thrashing is detected in a multi-user environment, contact Microsoft support for assistance in modifying the memory heap type.Dec 15,  · SSIS Best Practice tips.

Listed below are some SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) best practices. Microsoft SQL Server Fast Track was created to provide specific reference architecture, along with a set of best practices, to eliminate efforts associated with designing a SQL Server data warehouse.

Oct 13,  · MSBI stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence. This powerful suite is composed of tools which helps in providing best solutions for Business Intelligence and .

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